Sophie Katharina Schollum

flutes, vocals, composition

born in Mödling, lives as a flutist, singer, pianist and instrumental teacher in Vienna. Studied at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. Is active as a musician in a wide variety of styles from classical to pop, soul, funk to jazz in orchestras, ensembles and bands. Current projects are her band “Sanyoo”, the trio “Mister Montelli”, and the trio “Lagom”.

Anna Magdalena Siakala

viola, arrangement

lives and works as a freelance viola player in her hometown Vienna. Studied at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. Subsequently, she fulfilled several temporary contracts in various Austrian orchestras and played in different ensembles in the independent Viennese concert scene. Since her early youth she has played chamber music in a wide variety of formations, including with the Felicitas Quartet Vienna during her student years and with the Trio Bruch (since 2014), as well as with the ensemble Mister Montelli.

Theresa Dinkhauser


born in Innsbruck and lives as a musician and music teacher in Vienna. Studied in Vienna and Graz (concert clarinet, pedagogy, performance practice in contemporary music). Besides the classical orchestra, special passion for chamber music, contemporary music, improvisation and movement. Member of Ensemble EIS, Ensemble of IGNM-OÖ/Linz, snim-spontaneous network for improvised music and the Trio Mister Montelli.

  • Flutes, viola, clarinets
  • three instruments, three musicians, three voices